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My Motivation


The spiritual connection of a person is a daily practice that provides nourishment to the soul and life to the world.

Spending time with friends and family is an important part of my life and I am lucky to have them in my life. I have a close relationship with my family - which means a lot to me.

The key to living life to the fullest is not focusing on what you can’t do, but instead find ways to use what you have.

To relentlessly expand my performance and vibration in the world is my mantra.

My S.E.A.


Exceptional People Skills - Finance and Accounting - Managerial - Sales - Curating / Art Representation - Event Planning - Marketing / Design - Performance / Visual Arts - Public Speaking - Microsoft Office - QuickBooks - Adobe Suite - Web Design - UX/UI Design - Web solutions - PC / MAC / Mobile

Associate of Arts (2002 – 2004) Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics (2010 – 2014) Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii

Master of Business Administration in International Business (2015 – 2017) Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii

Doctor of Education (2018-2024) Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Certificate of Leadership Development (2018 – 2019) U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Certificate of Facilitating Leadership and Group Skills (2018 – 2019) U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Zumba Certified Instructor CPR / First Aid - Certified Ballroom Dance Nationally - Certified Teacher 2000-2004 - Top Dance Teacher Award (AMI) 2000-2004 - Top Salesperson (AMI) 2004 - Featured Designer (Spaces Magazine) 2006-2008 - Dance Studio feature (NBC, KC Star, KC Magazine) - 2008 Front Page Article on Wheelchair Dancing (Kansas City Star) - 2011 Featured in “Latin Dance” a book by Elizabeth Drake Boyd - 2011 Featured in Lifetime’s “Coming Home” and “Dancer Without legs” - 2016 Recipient of “Wahachi” Award (U.S. Army)
-2023 Kapa Delta Pi Scholar


Chris Casely is a creative professional and the founder of BELLA*LIFE. BELLA*LIFE is a brand with the soul purpose of helping empower individuals on their journey toward success. BELLA champions two main activities in life, personal and professional. In the personal realm, BELLA provides healthy habits (lifestyle, diet, and fitness tools) and support which serves as the foundation of professional evolution (marketing, strategy, and web development).

Chris' motivation was born in the arts. When he was a professional dancer, he traveled North America competing and performing through his own studio and non-profit dance companies. His experience in the performing arts provided him the opportunity to develop strategies to create, improve, and package ideas, emotions, and concepts to inspire all stakeholders. Chris has an undergraduate degree in economics, a master's in international business, and a doctorate in education. It is through BELLA where Chris' life purpose lies: To passionately help bring one's inner beauty and potential to the marketplace!

Current Offerings

My History


Aberdeen, Mayr​l​and

Founder - Director - Planning and Development - Teacher / Choreographer - Graphic / Web / Print Design - Finance and Marketing Manager

Owner of Creative Health of the Self Company that teaches several different forms of dance, fitness, Ayurveda, Yoga, Nutrition, Astrology, Meditation, and more through group lessons and private classes. Teacher, trainer, coach, and choreographer

(2006 - 2016) GROOVABILITY INC.

Kansas City, Missouri

Executive Director and Co-Founder of a non-profit organization that provides the art of dance to individuals with physical disabilities, and their non-disabled partners. Train and choreograph over 40 routines for 9 disabled dancers in 25 performances, competitions, and benefit shows. Teach disabled dance partners. Responsible for the oversight, mentorship, and synchronization of 8 staff members with 8 dance areas of emphasis. Develop a startup business and financial plan to include by-laws for non-profit organization. Create, develop, and update non-profit organization web page and graphics, to include creation of organization logo and media. Coordinate, organize and execute an average of 15 benefit events per year. - Our organization was featured on the front page of Kansas City Star and many T.V. news channels. Personally helped to facilitate and manage student’s mental and physical health. - Work with media and volunteers daily. Planning and Development Teacher / Choreographer Graphic / Web / Print Design Finance and Marketing Manager



Executive Director - Planning and Development - Teacher / Choreographer Graphic / Web / Print Design - Finance and Marketing Manager

Co-Owner of Dance/Performing Arts Studio that teaches several different forms of dance, martial arts, and exercise through group lessons and private classes. Teacher, trainer, and choreographer for hundreds of students Train and teach 12 students to enter 6 competitive events per year Responsible for the management and coordination of 15 teachers. Manage and execute government contracts


Vice President Solely responsible for organizational stability Finance Manager and Marketing Manager Business and Sales Development Curator/Art Dealer Vice President of an Art Gallery with an artist resource of over 50 local and nationwide artists Developed a startup business and financial plans for the company Managed over 100 projects to completion Curated, promoted, and completed 30 art shows per year


Teach competitive ballroom dance Sales specialist Choreographer Advanced teacher Trainer Teacher of Ballroom Dance to over 200 students Trainer of over 30 new employees Sales representative with sales of 40% of company’s total gross sales of over $200,000.00


Executive Member:

Spouses Club of Lewis McChord, Webmaster (2021-2023)

Rainier PTO, Vice President (2021-2023)

Arlington Children's Chorus (2023-Pres)